S98 Input

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S98 Input
S98 Input.png
Creator Ru^3 Honpo
Released 2004-01-04
Platform foobar2000, Winamp
Website vesta.dti.ne.jp/~tsato/soft_s98v3.html

S98 Input is a plugin for foobar2000 which adds the ability to play S98 music files. There is also a Winamp build called s98amp. These files are logs of instructions sent to various Yamaha audio chips including the YM3526, YM2151, YM2203, and YM2608. These are usually logged from Japanese PCs like the PC-6001, PC-6601, PC-8801, PC-9801, and the FM-7.

The plugin was written for foobar2000 version 1.1, so it runs in compatibility mode in version 1.3.


Version Download Platform
1.11 Download - (info) foobar2000
1.3.1+* Download - (info) Winamp