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Runecraft - 01.png
Founded 1997-04-??
Headquarters Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England
Other Names Runecraft Ltd.

Runecraft is an English video game developer. They have several offices both in England and in the United States. They usually developed games based on licenses such as Barbie and Caesars Palace.

They were one of the few game developers who specialized in both console development as well as handheld development.


Audio Development

Game Boy Color

Runecraft only developed two titles for the Game Boy Color; Caesars Palace II and Scrabble, both of which used a sound driver by Paul Tankard. From the sound of off-timed notes in some of the songs that used the driver, it sounds like the driver converted MIDI data to machine code that the Game Boy could read.

Game Boy Advance

On Butt Ugly Martians: B.K.M. Battles and Super Bubble Pop, Jeremy Taylor wrote music using Fasttracker II and converted his XM files for playback with Engine Software's sound driver by Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans. Scrabble used unique sound driver.

At Gamezlab, on FightBox Patrick Phelan used same sound driver.

Audio Personnel