Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball

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Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball
Founded 1991-10-??
Last Release 1992-09-??

Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball was one of many baseball simulation games. It was developed by Sculptured Software and published by Acclaim for all four platforms it was released on; Game Boy, Sega Genesis, NES, and SNES. The Game Boy and Super Nintendo versions were released outside of the USA in Japan, and known simply as "MVP Baseball".


All versions of the game contain a minimal amount of music. The Game Boy and NES versions sport a soundtrack by Sculptured Software's main in-house composer, Paul Webb. The Genesis and SNES versions contain a soundtrack by Kingsley Thurber and Mark Ganus, both also main in-house composers of Sculptured Software.

Though Paul Webb doesn't appear in the staff roll of the NES version, as it lacks audio credits, he is credited in the Game Boy version which shares the same soundtrack. This can also be supported by Paul being the only composer credited in Sculptured Software's NES games, and can further be supported by the music matching his style.

Dean Morrell is only credited in the Genesis version, despite it borrowing most of its soundtrack from the SNES version. As a result, it is suspected Dean only served as an arranger, rather than a composer.


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