Rocket Blastoff - Tetris (GB)

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Rocket Blastoff
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Tetris - GB - Rocket Blastoff.png
Composer Hirokazu Tanaka
Arranger Hirokazu Tanaka
Released 1989-11-??
Format GBS.png
Game Tetris (GB)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Rocket Blastoff plays after Type-B's Level 9 Height 5 has been cleared. After the cutscene of the Russian dancers with Trepak playing in the background, an additional cutscene is shown of a rocket launching off of a launchpad. After this, the text CONGRATULATIONS! is displayed on screen.

The song was written by Hirokazu Tanaka in Z80 assembly using his sound driver. Hirokazu should be contacted for an official title.


The song is in the key of A♭ minor. The second square wave plays the following notes, all 8th notes, with the first square wave echoing the second square wave:

A♭ C E♭ A♭ B♭ D♭ F B♭
C E♭ A♭ C D♭ F A♭ D♭
B♭ D♭ F B♭ G B♭ D♭ G

The bass holds an A♭ for a dotted half-note, then plays an octave lower A♭ quarter note, and then loops.

The chord progression is as follows:

A♭ B♭m/A♭ A♭ D♭/A♭ B♭m/A♭ G°/A♭