Rock Me, But Don't Stone Me!

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Rock Me, But Don't Stone Me!
Output - OPL2.svg
Composer Bobby Prince
Arranger Bobby Prince
Released 1991-12-15
Length 1:01
Format IMF.png
Game Commander Keen V: The Armageddon Machine (DOS)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Rock Me, But Don't Stone Me! is included in the Commander Keen 5 data files, but it is never played anywhere in the game. It was composed by Bobby Prince using Sequencer Plus Gold.

Bobby Prince has confirmed the title.

John Romero had this to say about the track:

I totally remember that song. I'm surprised it didn't find its way into the game. I must have had so many songs and not enough levels, or else it got lost in all the turbo-speed development of Keen 5. We took one month to make the entire game.