Rock'n Roll

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Rock'n Roll
Founded 1989-??-??
Last Release 1990-0?-??

Rock'n Roll is a maze game.

Although the game was created by the Amiga programmer, Hülsbeck stated in a 2009 podcast that the music was originally composed on the C64 and then converted to the Amiga. He did not mention names, but Vaca stated in 1989 and in 2001 that he did the C64 music and is in fact mentioned in the C64 hiscore, while the Amiga game credits Hülsbeck for Amiga-Sound. Confusingly, though, the Amiga game has song titles and an additional song, and Hülsbeck admitted in the 2009 podcast that High Times sounds a lot like him and that it's difficult to tell Vaca's and his songs apart as they sometimes worked together on one track.

The C64-only songs were arranged for the AY-3-8910 by Barry Leitch of Imagitec Design. The DOS version has all-new music by Jochen Heß of Palladix.


Rock'n Roll

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Rock'n Roll
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Notable Songs Lovely Feelings • High Times
Notable Personnel Ramiro Vaca • Chris Hülsbeck
Notable Companies Rainbow Arts