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Founded 2010-11-04
Last Release 2016-12-01

REFLEC BEAT is a series of arcade rhythm games developed by Konami. It is a part of the collection of rhythm game series known as Bemani, all of which are also developed by Konami. Rather than button- or motion-based game play like every Bemani series before it, REFLEC BEAT uses a touchscreen interface where you tap circular objects as they fall down the screen and reach a judgement line, as well as areas above the line that objects can home in on. The game is kind of dual-based; while players can link up and "battle" each other, no matter what or how you play, you will see your own notes coming at you, as well as notes going towards the opponent on the other side, albeit both are different colors.


Notable Songs

  • Bad Maniacs from beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS (ARC) - Originally crossovered in REFLEC BEAT (ARC). While not originally from the REFLEC BEAT series, Bad Maniacs gained notoriety for being among the first songs to receive a SPECIAL chart when they were introduced, and the SPECIAL chart for Bad Maniacs remains one of the most difficult charts in the game. This chart is also notable for having the third highest number of objects in any chart, with 1009 notes, behind V SPECIAL's 1100 notes and V2 SPECIAL and onslaught HARD's 1014 notes. It was, however, the first chart in the game to break 1000 objects.
  • Broken from REFLEC BEAT (ARC) - The first song with a chart rate a 10+ in the game, although with the introduction of the 11 and 12 ratings in VOLZZA, it loses its distinction of the first song on the hardest difficulty. It is the first of a series of songs by Takayuki Ishikawa sung by Aimee Blackschleger, continuing with jubeat saucer (ARC)'s True Blue and REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! (ARC)'s refrain.
  • quaver♪ from REFLEC BEAT limelight (ARC) - The first song by Takayuki Ishikawa under his "Risk Junk" alias to debut outside of IIDX, quaver♪ was thought for a while to be following FLOWER's footsteps in the journey to crossover to every Bemani series, mainly because of its crossing over to the GITADORA series despite being seemingly very unfitting for the series.
  • HAERETICUS from beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle (ARC) and REFLEC BEAT limelight (ARC) - The final boss song for the "Lincle Link" event between IIDX and REFLEC, HAERETICUS is a collaboration between Takayuki Ishikawa's "D.J.Amuro" alias, known for extremely hard IIDX songs like Mei, and Tatsuya Iyama's "MAX MAXIMIZER" alias, which is used for some of the hardest songs in the REFLEC series, including this song. Until the release of CLAMARE, this song's HARD chart was considered the most brutal chart in the game.
  • Valanga from REFLEC BEAT colette -Winter- (ARC) - The final song of the Winter version of the "Pastel Adventure" event, and Yoshihiro Tagawa's debut song in the Bemani series. Despite not being an overly difficult song in the series, it is still a very popular song, signified by Tagawa's overall high popularity among Bemani fans.
  • STULTI from REFLEC BEAT colette -Spring- (ARC) - One of the songs that was a part of the "Private BEMANI Academy" event that took place across every active Bemani series at the time. While unlockeable in all the series that participated, STULTI was affiliated with REFLEC BEAT, and playing REFLEC BEAT unlocked it faster. In addition, STULTI was one of the hardest songs in the game when it was released, being a collaboration between the still relatively new Yoshihiro Tagawa, and Tatsuya Iyama's "MAX MAXIMIZER" alias, which was now established with brutal songs thanks to HAERETICUS.
  • Wadatsumi from REFLEC BEAT colette -Summer- (ARC) - The final song of the Summer version of the "Pastel Adventure" event, this song was the first appearance of Yoshihiro Tagawa's "兎々" (Totto) alias used exclusively for REFLEC BEAT boss songs. Initially available only within the REFLEC BEAT series, it quickly picked up popularity much later and went to many other Bemani series.
  • CLAMARE from REFLEC BEAT colette -All Seasons- (ARC) - The final boss song of the "PASTEL WONDER TRAVELER" event, unlocked by defeating the boss "JOKER". CLAMARE's BASIC chart was the first in the series to be rated a 6, and the MEDIUM chart was the second to ever be rated a 9. The HARD chart was unanimously considered the most punishing song in the game across all difficulties until the release of vajra, where even then people still consider it the hardest song in the game.
  • onslaught from REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! (ARC) - The final boss song of the "MYSTICAL STRIKE" event, unlocked by defeating the boss "Bahamut". Marks Takahiro Fukase's debut in the REFLEC series, and is also noteable for its HARD chart's object count, being tied with V SPECIAL for the second highest object count in the game with 1014 notes, only behind V2 SPECIAL's object count of 1100.
  • vajra from REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! Upper (ARC) - A collaboration of Yoshihiro Tagawa's regular "DJ TOTTO" alias, and his "兎々" (Totto) alias used for extremely hard final boss songs. Originally unlocked through the "REFLEC Derby" event held during the 4th KONAMI Arcade Championship, it follows CLAMARE's steps in having a BASIC chart rated 6 and an MEDIUM chart rated 9. Its HARD chart is considered by some to be the only chart in the game that can compare in difficulty to CLAMARE HARD's difficulty.

Notable Audio Personnel