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Randal Letcher Scott
Randy Scott.jpg
Born 1960-01-31
Birth Place Simi Valley, California
Nationality American   USA.svg

Randy Scott is an American game developer who was the founder and CEO of Art Data Interactive, a company which focused on producing titles and ports for the 3DO during its brief existence.

While most of his game credits were in the role of producer or project manager, in his free time Scott was a guitarist who played in a band. This resulted in his one known credit as a video game composer, namely on Doom (3DO), which Art Data Interactive were in charge of porting to the system. Due to the extremely rushed nature of the game's development, and the sub-standard results of hastily converting the music on the earlier Doom (32X), Scott was asked by lead programmer Rebecca Heineman to create pre-recorded arrangements of the music from Doom (DOS), which could be played back in-game.

Art Data Interactive subsequently went into bankruptcy as a result of the commercial failure of their Doom port, and Scott is not known to have worked on any further games. He later founded a chain of music schools, though the chain was shut down in 2017 as a result of criminal proceedings against Scott, which would ultimately result in his conviction and imprisonment in 2023.


Released Title Sample Notes
1996-04-26 Doom (3DO)
With Bryan Celano; Arranged Bobby Prince's music.

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