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Randal Linden
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Randy Linden is an American video game programmer. He started off working at Syntax Software as a programmer in Toronto, Canada. Through the rest of the 80's, he programmed for a few other companies including Digital Solutions, ReadySoft, and even founded Visionary Design Technologies.

At the beginning of 1989, Randy started working at Bethesda Softworks as a programmer. He programmed several titles for them, including all of their NES games. While working there, he programmed the NES sound driver for their games. At the end of 1991, Randy left Bethesda and started working at Leland Interactive Media. At the end of 1993, Randy started working for Sculptured Software, where he programmed possibly his best known work, Doom (SNES). Randy later worked for Microsoft for almost a decade. Since 2016, Randy has been operating his own development studio R and R Digital.

Randy also programmed the bleem emulators for the PC and Dreamcast which allowed users to play PlayStation games.


Released Title Sample Notes
1991-01-?? Wayne Gretzky Hockey (NES) Sound Driver
1991-09-?? Where's Waldo? (NES)
Sound Driver
1991-10-?? Home Alone (NES)
Sound Driver

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