Rally Bike (ARC)

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Rally Bike
Rally Bike - ARC - Flyer - USA.jpg
Platform: Arcade
Year: 1988
Developer: Toaplan
This page is for the arcade version. For the NES version, see Rally Bike (NES). For the Sharp X68000 version, see Dash Yarou (X68).

Rally Bike (known as Dash Yarō ダッシュ野郎 in Japan) is a vertical top-down motorbike racing game developed by Toaplan and published by Taito Corporation. It was released in Japan and North America around 1988.

In the game, you take control of your motorbike and must pass all six stages to see the ending. To do this, you must qualify a certain position to go on to the next stage. Each stage takes place in a major North American city; San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Boston, and New York. The game takes the approach of being a short game that's extremely difficult. One hit will knock you off your bike and you must start from an earlier point in the stage. Along the way are gas stations are present which you must stop your bike and refuel. While you're refueling, you can see the opponent bikes just passing by you. There are also plenty of obstacles, and even the opponent bikers don't mind sacrificing themselves to make you fall off your bike. This can be especially tricky in tight spaces, which the game loves to throw at you. Along the way, you can pick up various powerups dropped by a helicopter. Some of these powerups include things like bikes riding next to you that dispatch any opponent bikes that try to hit you, as well as turbo and gas upgrades.

The game was later released for the NES and a Japan-exclusive Sharp X68000 version.


Rally Bike - ARC - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Rally Bike - ARC - Stage 1.png

Stage 1 (San Francisco).

Rally Bike - ARC - Gas Station.png

Refueling at the gas station.

Rally Bike - ARC - Bonus Game.png

One of the two bonus stages.

Rally Bike - ARC - Crash.png

That's gonna leave a mark!

Rally Bike - ARC - Game Over.png

Game Over.


Rally Bike's music was composed by Osamu Ohta, who was a composer for Toaplan at the time. There are quite a lot of tunes in such an early arcade game. Osamu's complex musical styles show in this soundtrack. Most of the music is moderately-paced rock and funk themes. The only songs that really fit the action of the game are the themes for stages 2 and 4. However, some of the other songs have a jazzy sound to them such as the music that plays when you don't qualify, as well as the name entry music. The fifth stage sounds pretty similar to the first stage's music.

Atwiki.jp said of the soundtrack:

The sound is by Osamu Ohta, who also created "Wardner no Mori". There are no intense, race-like songs, and most of the songs are refreshing and suitable for driving.

The site also mentions Ohta was also a programmer for this game.

According to Toaplan composer Tatsuya Uemura, Toaplan's sound engine required its user to type music data in a custom Music Macro Language, and was programmed by Masahiro Yuge. As with most Toaplan arcade games at the time, the music sounds approximately a ¼-step sharp.

The track names and ordering come from the Toaplan ARCADE SOUND DIGITAL COLLECTION Vol.6 album. However, the "Ignition" track from the VGM rip has been omitted, as it is not included in the OST, and it is merely just a sound effect.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Credit Osamu Ohta 0:01
02 Macosa Osamu Ohta 3:21
03 Congra Osamu Ohta 1:05
04 South Wind Osamu Ohta 2:06
05 Gas Station Osamu Ohta 0:07
06 Dixie Line Osamu Ohta 1:45
07 Sand Storm Osamu Ohta 2:16
08 Den Osamu Ohta 1:21
09 Black Tea Osamu Ohta 1:21
10 Second Line Osamu Ohta 1:13
11 America Bye Bye Osamu Ohta 1:09
12 Crush Osamu Ohta 0:03
13 Game Over Osamu Ohta 0:06
14 Sun Set Osamu Ohta 0:37
15 Cut Off Osamu Ohta 0:46
16 Continue Osamu Ohta 0:08


(Game doesn't contain credits. Composer verified by Toaplan staff.)

Like most Toaplan games, this game lacks credits. The official soundtracks identify Ohta as the composer.


Game Rip






Audio Devices

The arcade game uses a YM3812 chip (clocked at 3.5 MHz) for audio.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Dash Yarou - ARC - Flyer - Japan.jpg
Title: ダッシュ野郎 (Dash Guy)
Platform: Arcade
Released: 1988-??-??
Publisher: Taito
  USA.svg   USA
Rally Bike - ARC - Flyer - USA.jpg
Title: Rally Bike
Platform: Arcade
Released: 1988-??-??
Publisher: Taito