QuickTime Components

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QuickTime Components
Player - QuickTime Components.png
Creator xiph.org
Released ?
Platform iTunes, QuickTime
Website xiph.org/quicktime

xiph.org's QuickTime Components, or XiphQT, is a plugin that adds support for playing OGG files in iTunes, QuickTime on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Note that you must have QuickTime installed in order for this plugin to work with iTunes.

The import isn't flawless, some of the metadata tags, like the track number, are not read correctly from the OGG file, however this is currently the only known method of adding OGG files to iTunes and QuickTime without having to transcode them into a different format at a loss of quality.


Version Download Platform
0.1.9 Download - (info) Macintosh
0.1.5 Download - (info) Windows