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Founded 1987-??-??

Quarterback is a one- or two-player American football arcade game released by Leland in 1987.

On Offensive, the player chooses a strategy by selecting a play and maneuvering their quarterback through the right hole or leading the intended receiver with the passing target to complete a pass. On Defense, the objective is to outwit the opponent by choosing an alignment that will stop the offense while positioning the player's linebacker to fill the gap, sack the quarterback, or complete a pass. When kicking or punting, the wind is always a factor and the game clock comes into play near the end of each half.

The game keeps track of over 15 categories of game play statistics. Each player's salary reflects their overall performance in these areas. Players compete for the top salary.

The game saw various incarnations of the series, including John Elway's Quarterback, All American Football, and the console-only installments Pro Quarterback and Troy Aikman's NFL Football, the latter is the only one in the Quarterback series to have a NFL license.



John Elway's Quarterback

John Elway's Team Quarterback

All American Football

Pro Quarterback

Troy Aikman's NFL Football

Notable Songs

  • Team Select - The team select music from Quarterback and John Elway's Quarterback.

Notable Audio Personnel

Notable Companies

  • Leland - Developer of the arcade and 16-bit installments in the series.
  • Rare - Developer of the NES version of John Elway's Quarterback.
  • Mastertronic - Publisher of the home computer versions of the game.
  • Tradewest - Publisher of the console versions of the game.
  • Shadowmasters Design - Converter of the computer versions of the game.


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John Elway's Team Quarterback Platform - ARC.png
All American Football Platform - ARC.png
Pro Quarterback Platform - GEN.png • Platform - SNES.png
Troy Aikman's NFL Football Platform - GEN.png • Platform - JAG.png • Platform - SNES.png
Notable Songs Team Select
Notable Personnel Sam Powell • David Wise • Raymond Genovese • Eric Hammond • Rob Atesalp
Notable Companies Leland • Rare • Tradewest • Mastertronic • Shadowmasters Design