Quake II - Nintendo 64: Official Soundtrack

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Quake II - Nintendo 64: Official Soundtrack
Quake II Original Soundtrack (Nintendo 64) Cover.jpg
Released 2013-02-18
Publisher Aubrey Hodges
Country World   World.svg
Games Quake II 64 (N64)

Quake II - Nintendo 64: Official Soundtrack is an official album originally made by Aubrey Hodges who worked on the soundtrack of Quake II 64 (N64) under the pseudonym Ken "Razor" Richmond being hired by Activision to work with the team of Raster Productions, whose game was licensed by ID Software in 1999, the album was released on February 18, 2013 on different audio streaming platforms as highlighted by Spotify.

This digital album contains the original recordings of 16 songs from the album, of which only 17 are original from Nintendo 64 Only edits appeared on a few tracks on the album which was released in 2013.

It is rumored that a CD and Vinyl version was released but it is not known if it was marketed in this format. It is available on Bandcamp and can be purchased on their profile.

This album is an acknowledgment of the work on this port for the Nintendo 64, although it is not known why this pseudonym or anonymity on the part of Activision or the development team, or also hiding from the Software.


# Title Artist Length
01 Quake 2 N64 Theme Aubrey Hodges 2:51
02 Quake 2 N64 Level Complete REMIX Aubrey Hodges 2:48
03 Forboding Echoes (Level - Strogg Outpost) Aubrey Hodges 5:40
04 The Eerie Lull (Level - Central Complex) Aubrey Hodges 6:03
05 Darkness Lingers (Level - Intelligence Center) Aubrey Hodges 5:40
06 Swarmed (Level - Communications Center) Aubrey Hodges 4:34
07 Portal To Chaos (Level - Orbital Defense) Aubrey Hodges 6:36
08 Death Pulse (Level - Docking Station) Aubrey Hodges 6:52
09 Dissonant Perfection (Level - Strogg Freighter) Aubrey Hodges 5:53
10 Stati Ka (Level - Cargo Bay) Aubrey Hodges 5:27
11 Threads Of Hope Crushed (Level - Zaxite Mines) Aubrey Hodges 8:24
12 Still Alive (Level - Storage Facility) Aubrey Hodges 6:27
13 Empty Keening (Level - Organic Storage) Aubrey Hodges 7:14
14 Fear Is For The Dead (Level - Processing Center) Aubrey Hodges 5:22
15 It Is Over (Level - Geothermal Station) Aubrey Hodges 6:15
19 Quake N64 Finale REMIX Aubrey Hodges 1:48


According to Aubrey Hodges:

This was the last Nintendo 64 game that I composed. I did a few ports later on but this was the last original. I must admit I never looked back. The N64 was a beast to work with. I did remixes of 2 tracks because there is a nasty bug in the midi music playback system that caused both tracks timing to drift in the game. The bug drove me crazy because it wasn't able to be fixed by the release date. I cringe every time I hear them play in game.