Pool of Radiance (C64)

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Pool of Radiance
Pool of Radiance - C64 - USA.jpg
Platform: C64
Year: 1989
Developer: Strategic Simulations, Inc.
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Pool of Radiance was the first official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons video game. The Commodore 64 version is probably the most popular. Your party is commissioned to help the city of New Phlan stop Tyranthraxus. First, they are given a tour by a guy named Rolf. After that, the party must visit the City Hall to see what deeds the council clerk has in store for them. Then they must get their defenses at the weapon shops and first get back Old Phlan which has been overridden with kobolds, goblins, orcs, and other various monsters. After that, they must take out Norris the Gray in Kuto's Well. Then the party must see what kind of item is being sold at an auction down in Podol Plaza. Later in the game, you must go to the wilderness and run a few deeds there such as finding the source of the contaminated water in the river, making sure the lizardmen don't join the evil forces and killing the kobold king who is preparing a mighty army against New Phlan. Along the way you can buy items from the shop, rest at the inn to heal your characters, train your characters to get stronger, and can also hire other adventurers who can help you in your quest.


Pool of Radiance - C64 - Title Screen.png

Title screen.

Pool of Radiance - C64 - Gameplay 1.png

The demo.

Pool of Radiance - C64 - Gameplay 3.png

Creating a character.

Pool of Radiance - C64 - Gameplay 2.png

In combat.

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The game's only got one song which plays at the title screen, but it's a really good tune. It has a medieval-style feel to it which fits better than the NES version. David Warhol did a great job with the song. David said his music was written on paper and then converted to the C64 by hand, programming it in assembly. David said that he didn't necessarily have an official title for the song but said it was simply called 'Theme from Pool of Radiance'.

The game has staff credits but doesn't credit David Warhol. He is credited in the manuals. All versions of the manual have the same exact staff credits.


# Title ComposerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 Theme from Pool of Radiance David WarholDavid Warhol 1:37



Game Rip






The recording was made in DeliPlayer.


  USA.svg   USA
Pool of Radiance - C64 - USA.jpg
Title: Pool of Radiance
Platform: C64
Released: 1988-??-??
Publisher: Strategic Simulations, Inc.
  EU.svg   EU
Pool of Radiance - C64 - EU.jpg
Title: Pool of Radiance
Platform: C64
Released: 1988-??-??
Publisher: Strategic Simulations, Inc.