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Polygames - 01.png
Founded 1988
Closed ca. 1995
Headquarters USA
Other Names Sterling Silver Software

Polygames was an American game developer founded by programming duo Dennis Koble and Lee Actor after their departure from Bally Sente. It was founded in 1988 as Sterling Silver Software, but was renamed to Polygames in 1992 after a legal scuffle with Sterling Software. The company primarily developed for the Sega Genesis, but would sometimes work on DOS games as well.

They are also known for the games City Golf and Pit-Fighter II, both of which were unreleased.


Audio Development


For the Atari Games conversions, the company outsourced audio to Tengen. Most of the time, sound was handled by Earl Vickers, who used LSD by Lisa Ching. Because this was a conversion of Atari's RPM arcade driver, this made for a highly accurate sound to the arcade originals.

For the PGA Tour Golf series, the company contracted audio to Electronic Arts where the audio was usually handled by Rob Hubbard.

Audio Personnel

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