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Creator Tracy Harton
Released 1989-1?-??
Platform DOS

PlayROL is a DOS command line ROL player developed by Tracy Harton in Turbo-C and published as shareware on the Texan BBSs User to User and Harton's Salamandria.

After your computer boots, you must run AdLib Sound Driver and specify a large enough buffer, since PlayROL feeds it an entire song at once. To run PlayROL itself, you must specify an ROL file (or wildcards for multiple ROL files) and either have the file STANDARD.BNK in the current directory or specify a BNK file as well. Since version 1.1, you can also specify an SCR file. An SCR file is a script file, essentially a text-based playlist of multiple ROL, BNK and TXT files.

PlayROL could also be ran by games, as did Locomotion and BugBomber on their title screens.


Version Download Platform
1.0 (retroactive) Download - (info) DOS
1.2 Download - (info) DOS