Phil Young

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Phil Young
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Local 杨智华
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
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Phil Young is a composer of numerous genres and has written music for several industries including gaming, film, and radio. He worked as a resident composer for the Beijing Symphony Orchestra in China, and graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

In the early 1980s, Young wrote video game music for two games designed by his relative Gray Chang.

Young doesn't compose for video games anymore, but he still composes and conducts. Young currently lives in San Francisco, California and has worked as the Music Director of the Chinese Performing Artists of America, the conductor of CPAA Youth Chamber Orchestra, and as the resident composer of the California Chinese Youth Symphony.


Released Title Sample
1982-??-?? Claim Jumper (A8)
1983-??-?? Dog Days Deluxe (A8)

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