PCjr 3 Voice

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PCjr 3 Voice
PCjr - 3 Voice.png
Developer: IBM
Released: 1984-03-??
Type: Protocol
Icon - PCjr 3 Voice.png
Platforms: Platform - DOS.png
IBM's PCjr 3 Voice protocol is little more than a pass-through from the software to PCjr's on board audio chip. The chip is the SN76496 made by Texas Instruments, the originator of the 3 Voice Chipset. It supports 3 square wave channels and a noise channel.

The Tandy 1000 series, which is a clone of the PCjr has a similar protocol called the Tandy 3 Voice. However, while the PCjr only ever made use of the SN76496, the Tandy's protocol incorporated the SN76496, the NCR 8496, and the PSSJ-3.


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Emulation Status

The PCjr 3 Voice protocol is emulated in DOSBox.