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PC Music Feature
PC Music Feature.png
Developer: IBM
Released: 1987-??-?? c.
Type: Sound Card
Slot: 8-bit ISA
Icon - PC Music Feature.png
Platforms: Platform - DOS.png

The PC Music Feature is a sound card developed by Yamaha and sold by IBM in the USA around 1987. The device is essentially a Yamaha FB-01 synthesizer on a full-length 8-bit ISA card. It utilizes a YM2164 (OPP) chip for FM synthesis. The card features a serial port, left-and right stereo channels, and a headphone jack.

The PC Music Feature was poorly received, probably due to the device's price, around $500, and the fact that it was so large it would only fit into full-sized IBM PC cases. Most IBM clones and even several of IBM's own models were not large enough to fit the card.


Only Sierra On-Line ever incorporated the PC Music Feature card into their audio drivers, and then, only for a handful of games.


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Emulation Status

Most of the chips in the PC Music Feature have been emulated by MAME, though no software emulates the card as a whole.

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