One Must Fall

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One Must Fall
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Founded 1994-??-??

One Must Fall is a series of fighting games made by Diversions Entertainment. The series began as a project by developer Rob Elam to contribute to the fighting games he loved so much. It began with a playable demo called One Must Fall, which gave him the credibility to request the help of Epic MegaGames to put together a more polished 2D fighter called One Must Fall: 2097. After that, Elam wanted to create a 3D fighting game using the Unreal Engine that Epic was developing, but Epic didn't want the engine's progress to be slowed by a side project, so Elam left Epic to find more interested backers. After nearly a decade, he released One Must Fall: Battlegrounds. One Must Fall and One Must Fall: 2097 have both since been released as freeware by Elam.


One Must Fall

One Must Fall: 2097

One Must Fall: Battlegrounds

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One Must Fall
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Notable Personnel Kenny Chou
Notable Companies Diversions Entertainment • Epic Games