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Player - Oktalyzer.png
Creator Armin Sander
Released 1989-??-??
Platform Amiga
For the program's music see Oktalyzer (AMI).

Oktalyzer is a commercial tracker developed by Armin Sander and distributed by Mayer Verlag on the Amiga in 1989. Version 1.57, the final version, was released in 1991. Oktalyzer music is stored in OKT format.

Oktalyzer is so named because it supports eight channels. This was impressive since the Amiga audio hardware only had four channels. To perform this feat, Oktalyzer loaded eight channels in memory, mixed them in real time down to four channels, and sent the result to the Amiga sound chip. This was a processor-intensive task which degraded sound quality, but was more than made up for with doubled channels. Oktalyzer could also be run in 4-channel mode to suit more processor-heavy programs.

Though it offered more channels and featured a more impressive interface than most trackers at the time of its release, Oktalyzer was never expanded to work with updated hardware like newer sound cards and memory expansions on the Amiga.

Note: While the format is often denoted with an *.okt or *.okta extension on Windows machines, the files did not have an extension on Amiga machines.


The following composers used Oktalyzer.


Version Download Platform Notes
1.57 Download - (info) Amiga Final Version
1.53 Download - (info) Amiga
1.1 Download - (info) Amiga
0.1 Download - (info) Amiga Alpha Source Code