Not So, Fatso!

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Not So, Fatso!
Player - Not So, Fatso!.png
Creator Disch
Released 2003-??-??
Platform Winamp

Not So, Fatso! is an open source Winamp plugin for playing NSF and NSFE files. It is highly configurable and yields the most accurate sound of NES games.

Some of the plugin's features include:

  • Configurable sample rate (8000 - 96000 Hz playback).
  • Mono or Stereo playback (with configurable panning and optional pseudo-surround sound effects for each channel).
  • Individual channel volume control and mute option.
  • Support for NSFEs which allow for individual track time specifications.
  • Silence detection to automatically skip to the next songs.
  • Various methods to reduce ugly popping sounds.
  • Several sound filters, and the option to adjust the strength of the filter, and even the option to disable them completely.
  • NSF "shadow" feature, which allows you to have a single track represented by a single entry in Winamp's playlist.
  • Speed throttling to allow you to speed up / slow down the playback of a song.
  • Options to be less strict with NSFs (to work with NSFs which are not quite ripped properly). Also useful to NSF rippers for debugging their rips.
  • NTSC and PAL playback emulation.

Not So, Fatso! emulates all of the audio chips used in all versions of the NES and all official game extenders including the RP2A03, RP2A07, RP2C33, VRC VI, VRC VII, MMC5, NAMCO106, and 5B.

Not So, Fatso! was officially discontinued by its original developer 2006-02-01, however, it was made open source so it allows for further updates from other programmers.


Version Download Platform Notes
0.851 Download - (info) Winamp Includes source.