Norihiro Atsumi

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Norihiro Atsumi
Norihiro Atsumi - 01.png
Local 渥美 徳弘 (あつみ のりひろ)
Birth Place Yokohama, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Nori.S.A, M,C, Noric, M,C, ノリック (Noric), M.C Noric

Norihiro Atsumi (better known as M.C. Noric) is a Japanese game developer. He joined Hect around 1984 as a composer and sound designer, but he eventually started working on programming as well.

He is currently the Representative Director of Axes Art Amuse. [1]

Audio Development


Norihiro used a custom sound driver by Hect.


Norihiro used Axes Art Amuse's variant of Nintendo's Ver S1.20 version of Kankichi-kun.


Released Title Sample Notes
1984-09-?? Aeroboto (ARC) (フォーメーションZ) "N.Atsumi" listed in high scores.
1985-04-04 Formation Z (FC)
1985-07-?? Cruisin (ARC) (シティコネクション)
"N-Atsumi" listed in high scores.
1986-??-?? Momoko 120% (ARC) (モモコ120%) "N♥Atsumi" listed in high scores.
1988-10-28 America Daitouryou Senkyo: United State Presidential Race (FC) (アメリカ大統領選挙) Composer?
1989-05-02 Kabushiki Doujou: The Stock Speculation (FC) (株式道場) Composer?
1989-07-14 Igo Shinan (FC) (囲碁指南) Composer?
1989-12-19 Emoyan no 10-bai Pro Yakyuu (FC) (エモやんの10倍プロ野球) Composer?
1990-01-10 Igo Meikan (FC) (囲碁名鑑) Composer?
1990-02-02 Cadillac (FC) (キャデラック) Composer?
1991-01-31 Golf Grand Slam (NES) (ゴルフグランドスラム) Composer?
1991-07-05 Igo Shinan '91 (FC) (囲碁指南’91) Composer?
1992-01-24 Business Wars (FC) (ビジネス ウォーズ)
1992-01-30 Shogi Meikan '92 (FC) (将棋名鑑’92) Composer?
1992-03-10 Igo Shinan '92 (FC) (囲碁指南’92) Composer?
1992-05-29 Quiz Project Q: Cutie Project & Battle 10000 (FC) (クイズプロジェクトキュー キューティープロジェクト&バトル10000) Shares song with Business Wars (FC)
1992-11-20 Igo Shinan '93 (FC) (囲碁指南’93) Composer?
1992-12-04 Shogi Meikan '93 (FC) (将棋名鑑’93) Composer?
1993-12-17 Fire Striker (SNES) (ホーリーストライカー)
1993-11-17 Igo Shinan '94 (FC) (囲碁指南’94) Composer?
1994-04-15 Dream Labyrinth: Kigurumi Adventures (SFC) (夢迷宮 きぐるみ大冒険)
1995-12-08 ClockWerx (SFC) (クロックワークス)
1997-03-28 Boys Be... Kono Koi no Yukue (PS1) (ボーイズ・ビー 恋のゆくえ)