Noboru Machida

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Noboru Machida
Noboru Machida - 1.jpg
Local 町田 登 (まちだ のぼる)
Birth Place
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Machida, Nonchan

Noboru Machida is a Japanese game programmer who is the current president of Sanritsu. He was one of the main producers and directors at Sega. He was only credited on one game for music.

Music Development


Noboru used Hiroshi Yamazaki's sound driver.


Released Title Sample Notes
1988-12-02 Alien Syndrome (NES) (エイリアンシンドローム) Arranged Tohru Nakabayashi's music.
1988-12-20 Fantasy Zone II: Opaopa no Namida (FC) (ファンタジーゾーンⅡ オパオパの涙) Arranger?