Nick Eastridge (SNES Driver)

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Nick Eastridge (SNES Driver)
Released 1991-09-??
Programmers Nick Eastridge
Language 65C816 Assembly
Formats Unknown

Nick Eastridge (SNES Driver) is an unofficial name of the sound driver programmed by Nick Eastridge for his software developer Eastridge Technology. It was mostly used in games published by Mindscape.

His instrument samples were taken from different keyboards, including a Korg M1 for the slap bass. The snare drum sample is from a Proteus 3. The instruments may have been provided by Sony. Because of the way his music engine was programmed, SPC files for games using his sound engine are undumpable, and instead must be ripped as SNSF files. However, KungFuFurby reprogrammed his sound engine to have its SPC files dumped, as well as its variants, and has ripped all games.

Release History

The driver was first used in The Chessmaster. Both Chessmaster and Crash Dummies were released in all three regions: North America, Europe, and Japan. Paperboy 2 and Pit-Fighter made it to Europe as well. Other than that, most of the games were strictly North American releases, as that is where they were developed.


Released Title Sample
1991-09-?? The Chessmaster (SNES)
1991-11-?? Paperboy 2 (SNES)
1992-03-?? Pit-Fighter (SNES)
1992-10-?? James Bond Jr. (SNES)
1993-04-?? The Terminator (SNES)
1993-04-?? Wayne's World (SNES)
1993-06-?? The Great Waldo Search (SNES)
1993-10-?? The Incredible Crash Dummies (SNES) (クラッシュ・ダミー スリック坊やの大挑戦)
1993-10-?? The Ren & Stimpy Show: Veediots! (SNES)
1993-11-?? Steel Talons (SNES)
1994-05-?? Relief Pitcher (SNES)

Source Code

The source code has not been released.