Nerd Tracker 2

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Nerd Tracker 2
Player - Nerd Tracker 2.png
Creator Michel "Bananmos" Ivaniec
Released ????-??-??
Platform DOS, Windows

Nerd Tracker 2 is a tracker released for DOS and later ported to Windows that specializes in accurate emulation of the audio capabilities of the 2A03 found in the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was programmed by Michel Ivaniec, and was the was the first tracker dedicated to NES music. It was used for many early NES homebrew titles. The program saved music in the NED format, and later had a conversion tool made that would convert NED files to the popular NSF file. Unfortunately, the program did not support any expansion chips and was eventually surpassed by Famitracker. Nerd Tracker 2 has reached its final DOS version, but it was recently upgraded to SDL, and has since been ported to Windows.


The following composers used Nerd Tracker 2:


Version Download Platform Notes
2.1 Download - (info) DOS Includes playback source.
1.1 Download - (info) Windows