Nemesis the Warlock

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Nemesis the Warlock
Nemesis the Warlock.png
Founded 1980-07-??
Last Release 1999-12-??

Nemesis the Warlock is a single-screen platform shooter based on the comic book series with the same name. In the comic book, Nemesis is a fire-breathing demonic alien fighting against Torquemada, the fanatical Grand Master of the Terran Empire who is trying to exterminate all alien life. In the game, you play the role of Nemesis and Torquemada is trying to murder you by sending Terminators after you. You must kill the Terminators by using either your breath weapon, your pistol, or your sword. As you kill the Terminators, their bodies pile up on the ground allowing you access to higher platforms. The game was released on three platforms.


Nemesis the Warlock

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Nemesis the Warlock
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Notable Songs Nemesis the Warlock (Song)
Notable Personnel Rob Hubbard
Notable Companies Creative Reality • Martech