Neil Biggin

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Neil Biggin
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality British   UK.svg

Neil Biggin is a British composer and sound designer. He began working on video games in 1994 at Gremlin Interactive. His first game was Zool for the Amiga CD32, which was the first CD game to utilize a fully digital soundtrack on CD which contained 34 songs.

Music Development


Neil created MIDI files. For Newman Haas IndyCar Featuring Nigel Mansell, the MIDI files were converted to Mark Cooksey's sound engine. For Top Gear 2, they were converted to Tony Williams' sound engine.


Released Title Sample
1993-??-?? Litil Divil (CD32)
1993-??-?? Zool: Ninja of the "Nth" Dimension (CD32)
1993-??-?? Zool 2 (AMI)
1994-??-?? Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf (DOS)
1994-??-?? K240 (AMI) Additional SFX
1994-??-?? Premier Manager 3 (AMI)
1994-??-?? Retribution (DOS)
1994-??-?? Top Gear 2 (GEN)
1994-??-?? Zool 2 (DOS)
1994-??-?? Zool 2 (JAG)
1994-11-?? Newman Haas IndyCar Featuring Nigel Mansell (SNES) (ナイジェルマンセル・インディカー)
1994-12-16 Full Throttle All-American Racing (SNES) (フルパワー)
1994-12-16 Newman Haas IndyCar Featuring Nigel Mansell (GEN) With Mark Cooksey.
1995-??-?? Jungle Strike (DOS)
1995-??-?? Slipstream 5000 (DOS)
1995-??-?? UEFA Euro 96 England (DOS)
1995-02-?? Top Gear 3000 (SNES) (プラネットチャンプTG3000)
1995-04-04 Shadow Fighter (AMI)
1995-06-?? Jungle Strike (SNES) (ジャングルストライク 受け継がれた狂気)
1995-10-30 Whiplash (DOS) (a.k.a. Fatal Racing)
1995-12-?? Loaded (PS1) (ブラッド ファクトリー)
1996-??-?? TNN Motor Sports Hardcore 4x4 (SAT) (DEKA4駆) Sound Effects Design
1996-03-?? VR Soccer '96 (PS1) (アクチャーサッカー)
1996-03-31 VR Soccer '96 (DOS)
1996-06-30 Normality (DOS)
1996-11-30 Re-Loaded (PS1)
1996-12-31 Realms of the Haunting (DOS) Additional Sound
1997-06-01 Re-Loaded (DOS)
1997-11-30 FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (N64) (ワールドカップへの道) Audio Specialist, with Omar Al-Khafaji and Chris Taylor.
1997-11-30 FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (W16) Sound
1998-04-30 World Cup 98 (W16) Audio Specialist
1998-05-18 World Cup 98 (N64) Audio Specialist
1998-05-31 Fox Sports Golf '99 (W16)
1998-10-31 FIFA 99 (W16) Sound Artist
1998-11-30 FIFA 99 (N64) Sound Artist
2000-10-30 FIFA 2001: Major League Soccer (W32) Sound Artist