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Name Entry
Composer Hisayoshi Ogura
Released 1986-??-??
Title Origin Official
This page is for the Arkanoid song, for more titles see Name Entry.

Name Entry is a song that plays if you're able to successfully defeat Doh in the game Arkanoid. It is the only full-length song in the game; the rest are jingles. The song was composed by Hisayoshi Ogura.


In the Taito Game Music album, the song is called "ネームレジスト, Nemu Rejisuto," or "Name Register." However, in the Legend of Game Music 2: Platinum Box, the title is "ネームエントリー, Nemu Entori," "Name Entry."


Arkanoid (ARC)

Platform - ARC.png
Arkanoid (ARC)
Output - SSG.svg
Arkanoid - ARC - Ending.png
Arranger Hisayoshi Ogura
Released 1986-??-??
Length 0:18.39
Format VGM
Loops Yes

Name Entry begins playing upon the defeat of Doh, and then you watch the ending cut scene, and are allowed to enter your initials into the high score list with the song playing the whole time.

The song is rendered on the YM2149. It is number 0F in the game's internal sound test. The song loops in the arcade version.

Arkanoid (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Arkanoid (NES)
Output - NES.svg
Arkanoid - NES - Ending.png
Arranger Tsukasa Masuko
Released 1986-12-26
Length 0:34.12
Format NSF

Like the arcade game, the Name Entry song begins playing upon the defeat of Doh, and as you read the ending story, although the NES port doesn't have a high score list to enter your initials.

The song is rendered on the Nintendo's RP2A03. It is track 6 in the NSF file. Unlike the arcade game, Name Entry does not loop forever, but rather plays twice and ends automatically.

For some reason, the song was pitched up from the original G minor to B minor.

Sheet Music

Arkanoid (C64)

Platform - C64.png
Arkanoid (C64)
Output - SID.svg
Arranger Martin Galway
Format SID