Moo Song 2

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Moo Song 2
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Composer Ken Silverman
Arranger Ken Silverman
Released 1993-01-16
Length 0:16
Format KSM.png
Game Ken's Labyrinth (DOS)

Moo Song 2 is played in the background of board 20 in Ken's Labyrinth. It's extraction name is "LABSNG19.KSM" and it's original name is "MOUSONG". There are two different rips of this song. The one used to record the music has been altered so that it will properly play in the Winamp plugins. The original is also included in the "Originals" folder in the rip.

Ken Silverman explains the purpose of the U in the title by saying

MOUSONG.KSM is the 2nd of some crappy test songs I did, which I must have fixed up later. The first one was named MOOSONG.KSM, probably because it sounded like dying cows. Rather than do the logical thing and call is MOOSONG2, I guess I thought it was cooler to increment the vowel before the "SONG".