Michelle Sorger

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Michelle Sorger
Michelle Simon - 1.jpg
Born Unknown
Birth Place Stafford, Virginia
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases Michelle Simon, 95 MCH
Website audiogang.org

Michelle Sorger (née Simon) is an American composer, sound designer, and programmer. Michelle started working on games in 1988 at Leland Corporation. While she was there, she didn't compose music, but instead did sound programming while Sam Powell did the music. In 1991, Michelle left Leland started working at Park Place Productions and was the audio director there, composing and programming music and sound effects where she stayed up until 1994. In March 1995, Michelle became an audio director at Angel Studios. In September 2005, her last video game music job, she was the Vice President of the Gang Audio Network Guild. Today, Michelle is a ski instructor at the Park City Mountain Resort in Utah.

Music Composition


Michelle programmed Leland Corporation's sound driver, which took advantage of the YM2151 chip with an added DAC channel.


Michelle composed MIDI files in Cakewalk, which were then converted to the GEMS sound driver.


Like her Genesis music, Michelle composed the music in Cakewalk for DOS and then the MIDI files were converted to the NES using Russell Lieblich's sound driver.


While Michelle doesn't remember the exact source of her instruments, she remembers they were sound modules from Roland. Chip Level Designs may have something to do with the driver as well since the group did the sound driver for other Park Place Productions games and she edited and audio engineered titles from GTE Interactive Media,.


Released Title Sample Notes
1989-??-?? All American Football (ARC) Sounds
1989-??-?? Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road (ARC) Sound Programming
1990-??-?? Pig Out: Dine Like A Swine! (ARC) Sound Software
1991-??-?? Brute Force (ARC) Soundware
1991-??-?? Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat (ARC)
Sound Programming
1992-??-?? Batman Returns (DOS)
1992-??-?? Facts in Action (DOS) With Tristan Des Pres.
1992-??-?? Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing (GEN)
1992-05-?? Roundball 2-on-2 Challenge (NES)
1992-11-?? Jeopardy! (GEN)
Arranged Merv Griffin's music.
1993-??-?? Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition (GEN)
Arranged Merv Griffin's music.
1993-03-?? Jeopardy! Sports Edition (GEN)
Arranged Merv Griffin's music.
1993-07-?? NFL Football (SNES)
1993-07-?? Super Slam Dunk (SNES)
1994-??-?? Trivial Pursuit Interactive Multimedia Game (SCD)
1994-11-?? Jammit (SNES) Music and Sound Effects Editor
1994-11-?? Street Hockey '95 (SNES) Audio Engineering


While not an alias per se, in the manual for Jeopardy! (GEN), she is credited as Curt Toumanian. However, this was a mistake later fixed in the other revisions of the Genesis versions of Jeopardy!, as Curt was a graphic artist for the company.

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