Metro-Cross (ARC)

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Metro-Cross - ARC - USA.jpg
Platform: Arcade
Year: 1986
Developer: Namco, Ltd.

Metro-Cross was an arcade game created by Namco. In this game, you play as a rollerskater who must go through over 30 levels. The gameplay is very simple; get your skater from point A to point B within the allotted time limit. It's not as easy as you may think, however. There are all kinds of obstacles that will slow you down including giant pop cans, platforms that make you move slower and pits you can fall in. You can jump on smaller coke cans to temporarily stop the timer.

The game was later ported to the Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Nintendo Famicom and ZX Spectrum.


Metro-Cross - ARC - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Metro-Cross - ARC - Ready Yourself.png

Getting ready to play the first stage.

Metro-Cross - ARC - Gameplay 1.png

Avoiding the giant Coke cans.

Metro-Cross - ARC - Goal In.png

Finished the first stage.

Metro-Cross - ARC - Ending.png

The ending screen.

Metro-Cross - ARC - Enter Your Name.png

Entering a name on the high score screen.


The game's expectations can be pretty low since this is a game from 1985. The main theme you'll hear throughout the game is a jazzy-sounding which is pretty lengthy. There are other short fanfares as well but they don't do the game too much justice.

While the game lacks credits, it has become common knowledge that Nobuyuki Ohnogi composed the music. We have also recieved confirmation from Masanobu Endoh that Nobuyuki is the composer. The game uses the 8-channel Namco WSG chip for sound and music. The music was probably written in hexadecimal or MML.

The Main Theme and Name Entry music are programmed to loop, however, in the game's sound test, all the songs play once regardless whether they loop in the game or not. When the music can be recorded while looped, the soundtrack will be re-uploaded with looped versions of the songs.


Issue - Timing.svg

There are issues with the timing of this recording.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Ready Yourself Nobuyuki Ohnogi 0:03
02 Main Theme Nobuyuki Ohnogi 0:50
03 Your Time Is Up Nobuyuki Ohnogi 0:03
04 Game Over Nobuyuki Ohnogi 0:04
05 Goal In Nobuyuki Ohnogi 0:02
06 Time Bonus Nobuyuki Ohnogi 0:03
07 Congratulations! Nobuyuki Ohnogi 0:11
08 Enter Your Name Nobuyuki Ohnogi 0:17


(Verification from Masanobu Endoh; Game lacks credits.)

Metro-Cross was made at a time when game credits were uncommon. We have contacted Masanobu Endo who has identified Nobuyuki Ohnogi as the composer. Plus, there is a video of the development of Metro-Cross in which Nobuyuki is shown as the composer.

Game Rip

Issue - Incomplete.svg

This rip is missing songs.






The music has yet to be ripped from the game, since the VGM format doesn't support the output audio chip. The music was recorded in MAME in the game's service mode. The music can also be played using M1.

Audio Devices

Metro-Cross uses a Namco CUS30 clocked at 24 kHz for all audio.


  USA.svg   USA
Metro-Cross - ARC - USA.jpg
Title: Metro-Cross
Platform: Arcade
Released: 1985-??-??
Publisher: Namco, Ltd.