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MegaRace - SCD.jpg
Platform: Sega CD
Year: 1994
Developer: Cryo Interactive Entertainment

MegaRace is a vehicular racing game that takes place wholly in virtual reality. Starring you as the Enforcer and Lance Boyle as your host, you are pitted against speed gangs on virtual racetracks in a fight to the (virtual) death.


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This is the Sega CD OPN2 version of the music. The titles are from the areas in which they are played, which are the same as the official track titles from the OST. Like the 3DO version, the Sega CD soundtrack has a completely different track for the Maeva stages than the DOS version; as such, it is here referred to by its filename (Shark) to distinguish it from the DOS Maeva track. This version of the soundtrack is also cut differently than the DOS version, with tracks tending to be shorter and to loop to the beginning rather than to a loop point; however, unlike the 3DO version, the tracks are generally not gutted by removing unique portions but reduced in length by removing repetitions of some parts of the track.

While NewSan's music file has the same names as the racetrack that it plays in, the other filenames are much more cryptic. For example, Factory Land's music is called "DETRITUS" in the game's files. Detritus is a synonym for debris, which is fitting for Factory Land's wasteland environment.

According to the composer, Stéphane Picq, the "PAGA" filename is in reference to the Progressive Jazz Rock band "Paga Group", headed by bassist Bernard Paganotti, which served as inspiration for the "Skyholder" track. "Lenny" is in reference to singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz. "ALARME" (french for alarm) is in reference to the song's alarm-like melody, which is suppose to be reminiscent of a car alarm.


Files were generated from the VGM files using VGMPlay. Recordings from the actual console may be uploaded in the future.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 NewSan Stéphane Picq 2:02
02 Shark Stéphane Picq 1:48
03 Factory Land Stéphane Picq 2:57
04 Skyholder Stéphane Picq 2:53
05 Fractalian Space Stéphane Picq 2:22
06 Terminal City Stéphane Picq 2:31



Much like Dune and KGB had studio recordings of their respective music tracks (in the case of the former, those tracks were ultimately released on the CD, "Dune Spice Opera"), MegaRace too had tracks that were recorded by Stéphane Picq in his studio. These recordings were used as the in-game music tracks for MegaRace's 3DO port, albeit heavily edited and compressed due to the 3DO's limitations. According to Picq, sadly, the master tapes for both KGB and MegaRace soundtracks were destroyed in a fire. The only recording that survived is Terminal City (aka Alarm), which can be heard, completed with an unused ending, on Picq's SoundCloud page.

Game Rip








The game rip consists of:

  • Original game music files (SCD)
  • VGM rips
  • Z80 driver for the SCD files.


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MegaRace - SCD.jpg
Title: MegaRace
Platform: Sega CD
Released: 1994-??-??
Publisher: Software Toolworks, Inc.