Masayuki Kurinaga

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Masayuki Kurinaga
Local くりなが まさゆき
Birth Place
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases M.Kurinaga

Masayuki Kurinaga is a Japanese composer. He was often seen credited in games developed by Thinking Rabbit.


Released Title Platform Notes
1987-09-25 Kyonshies 2 (FC) (キョンシーズ2) Arranger? (Listed in Special Thanks)
1988-12-13 Fighting Road (FC) (ファイティング・ロード) With Masami Watanabe.
1989-09-29 Double Dungeons (TG16) (ダブル ダンジョン) Composer?
1989-12-21 Pool of Radiance (PC98) (プール・オブ・レイディアンス)
Arranged Seiji Toda's music.
Unreleased UWC (NES)


In Kyonshies 2, he is credited as くりながサナタール マサユキ (Kurinaga Sanatar Masayuki). A Sanatar is an Okinawan traditional three-stringed instrument; precursor to the shamisen.