Masahiro Teramoto

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Masahiro Teramoto
Local 寺本 昌弘 (てらもと まさひろ)
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases M.Teramoto

Masahiro Teramoto is a Japanese composer and sound designer who worked at Alfa System. He later started working at OeRSTED.


Released Title Platform Notes
1989-08-31 Monster Lair (TCD) (ワンダーボーイⅢ モンスター・レアー) Sound Effect
1990-03-09 Cyber-Core (TG16) (サイバーコア) With Toshio Murai.
1990-12-14 Sinistron (TG16) (バイオレント・ソルジャー)
1990-12-19 Battle Stadium: Senbatsu Pro Yakyuu (FC) (バトルスタジアム 選抜プロ野球) With Toshio Murai, Yo Tsuji, and Yusuke Takahama.
1990-??-?? Tricky Kick (TG16) (トリッキー) With M. Asai.
1991-03-22 Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (TCD) (イースIII ワンダラーズ フロム イース) Sound Effect
1991-04-05 Populous (PCE) (ポピュラス)
1992-07-17 Pachinko Wars (SFC) (パチンコウォーズ) With "Toshiharu.K" and "YoshinoZui".
1993-12-17 Pachinko Wars 2 (SFC) (パチンコウォーズ2) With Masahito Miyamoto.