Masahiko Ishida

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Masahiko Ishida
Masahiko Ishida - 1.jpg
Local 石田 雅彦 (いしだ まさひこ)
Born 1961-10-14
Birth Place Noshiro-shi, Akita, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases M.Ishida

Masahiko Ishida is a Japanese musician. He worked at Irem in 1987 and left about 3 years later.

Music Development


IREM's arcade game sound tool was great! It was more than what most commercial software had to offer. High performance. It was like re-composer software; Key-note, Step, Gate, Velocity and using MIDI keyboard. I think that it was going much than other companies.


Masahiko wrote a sound engine. He wrote the music on a piece of software he wrote, which used a Famicom controller. The program worked like a normal music editor.


Released Title Sample Notes
1987-??-?? Mr. Heli (ARC) (Mr.HELIの大冒険)
1988-??-?? Image Fight (ARC) (イメージファイト)
1988-??-?? The Last of Shinobido (ARC) (最後の忍道)
1988-??-?? Vigilante (ARC) (ビジランテ) Only a few songs
1989-??-?? Dragon Breed (ARC) (ドラゴンブリード)
1989-??-?? Legend of Hero Tonma (ARC) (レジェンド・オブ・ヒーロー・トンマ)
1989-??-?? R-Type II (ARC)
1989-04-28 Holy Diver (FC) Sound Driver
1989-12-01 Mr. Heli (PCE) (ミスターヘリの大冒険)
1989-??-?? Shisenshou Joshiryou-Hen (ARC) (四川省 女子寮編)
1990-??-?? X Multiply (ARC) (Xマルチプライ)
1990-06-29 Kickle Cubicle (NES) (迷宮島)
1990-07-06 Ninja Spirit (TG16) (最後の忍道 Ninja Spirit)
1990-07-27 Image Fight (PCE) (イメージファイト)
1993-03-26 Ai Sensei no Oshiete: Watashi no Hoshi (FC) (愛先生のおしえて わたしの星) Sound Driver