Marble Madness

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Marble Madness
Marble Madness.jpg
Founded 1984-12-??
Last Release 2009-12-01

Marble Madness is an action racing game created by Atari. One or two players roll marbles down elaborate labyrinths filled with various hazards in a race against the clock. The original game was created for the arcade, but it has since been ported to many different platforms. An arcade sequel was planned and prototypes were made, but they tested so poorly that Atari didn't release them, and to this day, despite the game's popularity, Atari has yet to reboot the franchise.


Marble Madness

  • Note: There were two versions of Marble Madness released for the Genesis; One by Electronic Arts for the US and Europe, and a completely different version released in Japan. The International version will be titled Marble Madness (GEN), and the Japanese version will be titled Marble Madness (SMD).

Marble Madness Construction Set

Marble Madness: Deluxe Edition

Marble Madness II

A sequel to the original game was developed by Atari for a 1991 release, but it never released. The few people who owned the PCB boards refused to dump it. However, recently, it was recovered, dumped, and is now fully playable.

Most people heavily criticized the game for all of its assets paling in comparison to the original game.

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Marble Madness
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Notable Personnel Brad Fuller • Hal Canon
Notable Companies Atari • Electronic Arts