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Main Menu
Output - SID.svg
Garrison - C64 - Choose Figures.png
Composer Ramiro Vaca
Arranger Ramiro Vaca
Programmer Chris Hülsbeck
Released 1988-09-??
Length 2:02.57
BPM 94
Format SID.png
Game Garrison (C64)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Main Menu is played to the credits, cast, hall of fame, the menu where you choose the number of players, and in an unofficial ending from 2007. It is dramatic and starts melancholic, as if to tell of very ill Princess Angelique. At 0:35.75, the song restarts and becomes determined. It is Ramiro Vaca's first game song arranged in TFMX Editor.

The harmony from 0:00.00 to 0:27.47 and the chords from 1:01.28 to 1:20.90 go through a low-pass filter. The cutoff frequency is curious: For the first 60 ms of a note, it is at maximum, then increased from the minimum, and when somewhere a snare drum plays, it remains at maximum until next note. It puts an interesting staccato and accent on chords.

The song was recorded from VICE 3.2 with the model 6581 (reSID) and a filter bias of -196. While I considered this configuration most noticeable and seamless, it is unconfirmed how close it is to Vaca's. In the rip, it is track 2.