Magic Knight

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Magic Knight
Founded 1985-01-??
Last Release 198?-0?-??

Magic Knight is a character starring in four flip-screen platformers, written by freelance programmer David Jones on the ZX Spectrum, illustrated by Ray Owen, and ported to the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, often the MSX, and a few other home computers by other programmers.

Across all 8-bit formats, the first installment sold more than 330,000 copies for the budget price at £1.99, making it Mastertronic's second best-selling original game after BMX Racers. The three more ambitious sequels are far less action-orientated, being effectively graphic adventures that use a basic menu system (dubbed "Windimation") to interact with characters and items instead of typed commands.


Finders Keepers


Knight Tyme


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Magic Knight
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