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Platform - MAC.png
Released: 1984-01-24
Developer: Apple Computer
Type: Software

Macintosh is the third operating system produced by Apple Computer. It used a CD-ROM and 3.50 disks. In 1998, a see-through model was released known as iMac, which omitted the 3.50 Floppy Disk drive and made it available only via external.


Music and Sound

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For the original Macintosh system (128K, 512K, Plus, SE, and probably SE/30), as of May 2022, no ripping format exists. VGMPF isn't even aware of the particular audio chip used for the first four mentioned computers. Later installments, however, rely on known file formats such as MIDI or MID! that can be easily ripped or taken directly from the game folders, in this regard identical to the Windows line.