MIDI to MUS (Accolade)

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Player - MIDI to MUS (Accolade).png
Creator Accolade
Released 1992
Platform DOS

MIDI to MUS shortened to MID2MUS, is a command line DOS program designed to convert MIDI files into Accolade's MUS format. This program was used by employees at Accolade so they could convert their MIDI files into files that would be used in their games for various platforms including DOS, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Genesis.

The program is used as as such:

MID2MUS filename.mid [options]


  • /i# - Calculate tempo based on interrupt rate of # interrupts per second.
  • /t# - Set starting tempo to M.M.# (example: /t120).
  • /m# - Tell the PC Speaker to mix channels 1-# (PC only).
  • /2 - Make version 2.0 .MUS file (PC drivers only).
  • /d - Dynamically allocate voices from available voices (PC only).
  • /b - 2 bytes pitch bend passed, default is 1 byte (SNES only).
  • /g - Make old .GMS version of music file.
  • /s - Shift melodic voices down 1 channel.
  • /v - Translate note volumes to log scale.
  • /o - Old pitch bend without transpose support (Sega only).
  • /q - Quick start song (eliminate and leading silence).
  • /p# - Platform type 0-PC, 1-SNES, 2-Sega, 3-Old driver Sega, 4-Old driver PAL Sega.


Version Download Platform
5.99 Download - (info) DOS