M1 (Player)

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Player - M1.png
Creator Richard Bannister
Released Unknown
Platform Macintosh, Windows
Website bannister.org/software/m1.htm

M1 plays music directly from arcade and Sega Genesis ROMs using emulation code from MAME and MESS. It supports over 1,900 different games. Other options include normalizing volume, headphone mixing, 8000-48000 Hz playback rate, WAV and VGM logging. The source code of the original Macintosh version is available from the official web site.

The Macintosh version has an attractive user interface, but Windows port only supports the command line. However, there is a GUI version for Windows called BridgeM1.


Version Download Platform
0.7.9 a1 Download - (info) Macintosh
0.7.9 a1 Download - (info) Windows