Lunar Pool

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Lunar Pool
Founded 1988-??-??

Lunar Pool (ルナーボール Runā Bōru, Lunar Ball) is a billiards simulation game developed by Compile and published by Pony Canyon. The game itself has little to do with outer space, but has 60 levels of zany-looking billiards tables, and even allows you to set the friction of the balls as high or low as you desire.

While the series was named Lunar Ball in Japan, it was officially localized in North America and Europe for the NES as Lunar Pool, and because this is an American site, the series goes by the localized title.


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Lunar Pool
Lunar Pool Platform - MSX.png • Platform - NES.png • Platform - PC88.png
Notable Personnel Masatomo Miyamoto • Takayuki Hirono
Notable Songs Title Screen
Notable Companies Compile • Pony Canyon • FCI