List of games with regional music differences

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This is a list of video games that have different music across regional releases, but were released on the same platform. If the soundtrack is so different the game warrants its own page, list each release.

For this list, platforms are considered the same if they have similar hardware, especially similar audio hardware. For example, the Nintendo Entertainment System is considered the same as the Famicom because they have identical CPUs and audio capabilities, but both are different from the Famicom Disk System which has an additional audio chip. Likewise, the Master System is different than the Mark III because it has an additional audio chip. Music is not considered different if it has a different tempo due to NTSC/PAL timing issues.

Games Notes
720° PAL (C64) / 720° NTSC (C64) Completely different arrangers and versions of the same game.
After Burner (FC) / After Burner (NES) Both versions were different, and therefore have different arrangements of the arcade score.
After Burner PAL (C64) / After Burner NTSC (C64) Completely different arrangers and versions of the same game.
After Burner III (SCD) Different soundtracks for Japanese and US releases.
Air Fortress (NES) Japanese version plays music louder; FDS prototype also has different music.
Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing (NES) / World Grand Prix: Pole to Finish (FC) Japanese version has different music; European version changes some instrument designs.
Baby T-Rex (SNES) / Radical Rex (SNES) The former is the prototype version of the latter (released) game. It contains less songs from the original, but has different arrangements of the same songs.
Battleship (NES) USA version contains an ending theme, while the European version uses the title screen music instead.
Bionic Commando PAL (C64) / Bionic Commando NTSC (C64) Completely different arrangers and versions of the same game.
Bionic Commando (GB) The song used for the prologue in the Japanese release goes unused in all other releases.
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (NES) / Akumajou Densetsu (FC) Japanese release has additional internal audio chip, so all the songs sound differently.
The Chessmaster (SNES) European and Japanese releases had extended title screen music.
Circus Caper (NES) / Moeru! Oniisan (FC) Cutscene and stage themes are different. Also, sound effects and one jingle were changed.
Contra (NES) Japanese release has a couple additional tracks.
Crazy Climber (ARC) Different speech in non-Japanese releases.
Crazy Taxi (W32) Computer version lacks music found in the original arcade and console soundtracks, presumably due to licensing restrictions.
Dr. Chaos (NES) / Dr. Chaos: Jigoku no Tobira (FDS) Same music, but different arrangements of each song.
Duck Hunt (NES) / Duck Hunt (VS) VS version has different arrangements, as well as extra music.
Hatris (NES) Japanese version has a few more songs than the North American version.
Ice Hockey (FDS) / Ice Hockey (NES) Both games share the same composer, but have different songs.
Ikari Warriors NTSC (C64) / Ikari Warriors PAL (C64) Completely different arrangers and versions of the same game.
Into the Eagle's Nest (C64) Completely different song in European and US releases.
Jackal PAL (C64) / Jackal NTSC (C64) Completely different versions of the same game; same soundtrack except for one completely different song by the same arranger.
Kid Klown in Night Mayor World (NES) / Mickey Mouse III: Yume Fuusen (FC) Most songs (except stage themes) are different. Japanese version also includes It's A Small World and the Mickey Mouse March.
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (ARC) Roll's theme is an instrumental in the Asian version but has Japanese lyrics in every other region.
Master of the Lamps (C64) One more song in European release.
Mega Man VI (NES) / Rockman 6 (FC) The Japanese version has a different song for the pre-title sequence.
Mike Tyson's Intergalactic Power Punch (NES) / Power Punch II (NES) Has the same music, but arranged differently.
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (NES) The PlayChoice-10 release has a couple extra jingles.
NES Open Tournament Golf (NES) / Mario Open Golf Different soundtracks by different sound composers.
Nintendo World Cup (NES) / Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu: Soccer Hen (FC) The Japanese version has a different title music.
OutRun (C64) Four completely different sound effects in US release.
Parodius (NES) / Parodius Da! Shinwa kara Owarai e (FC) The credits music is completely different in each version.
Phantom Fighter (NES) / Reigen Doushi (FC) Some of the songs were changed.
Predator (C64) Completely different song in European and US releases.
Pro Sport Hockey (SNES) / USA Ice Hockey in FC Japanese version adds the polish of in-game music.
Psycho Soldier (ARC) Different lyrics and vocals in non-Japanese releases.
Puyo Puyo (FC) / Puyo Puyo (FDS) Instrument design changes in both versions, including use of the DPCM channel.
Quinty (FC) / Mendel Palace (NES) Several songs have different duty cycle modulations between regions, Quinty has 1 extra track.
Rampage PAL (C64) / Rampage NTSC (C64) Completely different versions of the same game; music in European version only.
Rampart: Jaleco (NES) / Rampart (FC) The game was ported by two different companies and each has different music.
Red Comrades Save the Galaxy (W32) The international "Reloaded" re-release has a different outro tune.
Red Comrades 3: Return of Alaska (W32) The international "Reloaded" re-release lacks "Europa Plus" songs due to the expired licenses.
Rolling Thunder (NES) Japanese version contains rearranged music using the N163.
Rygar (NES) Several songs are different between the Japanese and US releases.
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team (NES) / Final Mission (FC) / Action in New York (NES) Japanese release has additional songs, PAL version's ending is much slower.
Shatterhand (NES) / Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain (FC) The theme of Opening and Area C is different in the Japanese version.
SimCity (SNES) The Japanese release has a unique song for the accounting menu.
Sonic CD (SCD) Different soundtracks for Japanese and US releases.
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (GEN) Different arrangements for US and European/Japanese releases.
Spindizzy (C64) Music in US release only.
Street Combat (SNES) / Ranma 1/2: Chounai Gekitou Hen (SFC) Different soundtracks.
Street Fighter NTSC (C64) / Street Fighter PAL (C64) Completely different arrangers and versions of the same game.
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (ARC) / Street Fighter Zero (ARC) The Japanese version has a unique song for the secret Dramatic Battle.
Super Bombliss (GB) / Tetris Blast (GB) Different soundtracks.
Superman (FC) / Superman (NES) Famicom version has the Superman Theme and many original songs, while the NES version borrows most of its soundtrack from Indora no Hikari (FC).
Tetris Attack (SNES) / Panel De Pon (SFC) The US release has a couple Yoshi-themed songs.
The Trolls in Crazyland (NES) / Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi! (FC) The music for the Space Ride stage was altered between releases. The echo was removed and the lead was moved from the triangle channel to the pulse channel.
Thunder Blade (C64) Completely different arrangers in European and US releases.
Top Gear Rally (N64) Has different title themes for the Japanese and US releases.
Wario's Woods (NES) The European (PAL) version has different music than the North American/Japanese (NTSC) versions, including an extra track.
Werewolf: The Last Warrior (NES) / Choujinrou Senki Warwolf (FC) Different DPCM drums.
Wrath of the Black Manta (NES) / Ninja COP Saizou (FC) Completely different soundtracks.
Yoshi's Island (SNES) Story song has different repetitions depending on whether you choose English, French or German.
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES) / Link no Bouken (FDS) FDS version has different instrument design and uses the RP2C33 for one song. A few songs were also changed.