Letter-Go-Round (A2GS)

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Letter-Go-Round (Apple IIGS).jpg
Platform: Apple IIGS
Year: 1987
Developer: Hi Tech Expressions

Letter-Go-Round is an educational spelling/alphabet game for the Apple IIGS. Based on the popular kids show, Sesame Street. Hurry, Hurry, and step right up. Your favorite Sesame Street Muppets are setting up a carnival game with letters on the ferris wheel. And let the letters hit the bell. There are six modes:

  1. Uppercase Match.
  2. Lowercase Match.
  3. Mixed-up Match.
  4. One Little Word.
  5. What's Missing?
  6. Spell the Secret Word.


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Sesame Street
Astro-Grover Platform - A2GS.png
Ernie's Magic Shapes Platform - A2GS.png
Ernie's Big Splash Platform - A2GS.png
Letter-Go-Round Platform - A2GS.png
Big Bird's Hide and Speak Platform - NES.png
123 ABC Platform - NES.png
Countdown Platform - NES.png
Letters Platform - MAC.png