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Leif Pran Marwede
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Leif Marwede is an American game developer. He attended the University of Michigan for Computer Science, Graphics, Music, and Robotics, and he graduated in 1988. Around 1990, he started working for Incredible Technologies. During his time there, he took on multiple roles such as being a programmer, game designer, project manager, and, on some occasions, a music and sound designer. In 1995, Leif became a game designer for Media Station, where he designed interactive children's books. A couple years later, he became the Director of Video Software Development at Merit Industries. A couple years after that, he was the Director of Technical Services for Vision Gaming & Technology. Near the end of 2005, he returned to Incredible Technologies, but was not involved with audio; rather he was a Senior Product Designer, and later became the Regional Sales Manager. In 2012, Marwede left Incredible Technologies and the game industry as a whole.

Leif also was the general manager of the Hi Scores Bar Arcade in Las Vegas, Nevada, which unfortunately closed.

Audio Development


American Gladiators uses a custom sound driver, possibly written by Leif himself. The driver makes use of many DPCM samples.


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-??-?? Dyno Bop (ARC)
1990-??-?? Hot Shots Tennis (ARC)
1990-??-?? Strata Bowling (ARC)
1990-??-?? Disney's Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold (C64)
1991-10-?? American Gladiators (NES)
1991-??-?? Peggle (ARC)
1992-11-?? Time Killers (ARC)

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