Lee Jackson

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Lee Jackson
Lee Jackson.jpg
Born November 19, 1963
Birth Place Austin, Texas
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases Lee "Make It Louder" Jackson

Lee Jackson is a video game music composer. Ever since junior high, Jackson was interested in music. He toyed with composing and took music theory classes. In his senior year of high school Jackson won the Texas State Music Theory Competition.

He spent two years getting his Music Education degree at the University of Texas in Austin, but left due to lack of money. He began work at the IRS where he would stay for nearly ten years for the IRS. During his time at the IRS Jackson continued to compose music for band, brass, and drum corp; although he had little luck making money off of it. He left the IRS, which he didn't like, after securing a job at Apogee to do tech support.

As he worked for Apogee Jackson continued to work on music in his spare time. After he reworked Bobby Prince's famous Apogee Fanfare track, he impressed the directors of Apogee enough that they decided to have him write music for their upcoming title, Rise of the Triad.

Jackson continued to work on music for more games and on January 15th, 1996, convinced Apogee to make him the Music Director where he still works to this day.

As a boy, Jackson grew up listening to Floyd Cramer, Johnny Cash, and Charlie Pride, but most of his modern inspiration comes from marching music like Phantom Regiment's Shostakovich, the Madison Scouts, Garfield Cadets. Some of his favorite bands include Rick Wakeman, John Williams, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johann Sebastian Bach, Daft Punk, Aerosmith, Queen, Myron Floren, and Vincent Persichetti.

Outside of music Jackson loves to cook, especially traditional Texas Barbecue. He also likes to watch football, hockey, Indy racing, and Aussie rules football.


Released Title Sample
1994-10-17 Wacky Wheels (DOS)
1994-12-21 Rise of the Triad: Dark War (DOS)
1996-01-29 Duke Nukem 3D (DOS)
1996-10-31 Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition (DOS)
1996-11-19 Stargunner (DOS)
1997-02-28 Stargunner (W16)
1997-05-13 Shadow Warrior (DOS)
1998-09-30 Duke Nukem: Time To Kill (PS1)
1999-09-10 Duke Nukem 3D (GBC) Sound

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