Lawrence Hiler

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Lawrence H. Hiler
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases Equilibrium
Basement Boys Software
Chip Level Designs

Lawrence Hiler has been credited for the sound driver creation of many SNES games along with Mike Henry. He is the founding member of Chip Level Designs, and thus he worked for many clients who were responsible like Tommy Tallarico, Michelle Simon and the company Equilibrium.

Audio Development

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Hiler's SNES driver is initally based on Nintendo's Kankichi-kun driver. He used three versions of the driver, the standard version when he started off using the driver, and then modified with the help of composers Michelle Simon and Tommy Tallarico (this driver version was in particular used in only four games like NFL Football, Super Slap Shot, Super Caesars Palace and Super Slam Dunk), and then switched to a more basic sound driver. Then he switched to using Bitmasters' sound driver.


(Note: These games list Lawrence Hiler for the music programmer. For the games that credit his sound group, see Chip Level Designs.)

Released Title Notes
1993-06-?? Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge (SNES) Sound and Music Driver
1994-??-?? ESPN Baseball Tonight (SNES) Music Driver
1994-??-?? The Lion King (GEN) (ライオン・キング) Special Thanks
1994-10-?? The Lion King (SNES) Special Thanks
1994-11-?? ESPN Speed World (SNES) Special Thanks
1995-??-?? Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday (SNES) Thanks To
1995-02-?? Spider-Man (SNES) Very Special Thanks
1995-11-?? Earthworm Jim 2 (SNES) Development Tools
1995-11-?? Emmitt Smith Football (SNES) Special Thanks
1996-04-30 Earthworm Jim 1 & 2: The Whole Can 'O Worms (DOS) Development Tools
1996-08-?? Mohawk and Headphone Jack (SNES) Special Thanks
1996-09-?? Ms. Pac-Man (SNES) Thanks