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LAPC-N - Front.jpg
Developer: Roland
Released: 1989-??-??
Type: Sound Card
Icon - LAPC-N.png
Platforms: Platform - PC98.png

The Roland LAPC-N or Linear Arithmetic Personal Computer - NEC is an soundcard based on the LAPC-I that was designed to work in the NEC PC-9801 home computer line. It has the same functionality, and uses the same LA32 synthesizer, although the board had to be designed in two pieces in order to fit into the smaller case of the PC-98. Like the LAPC-I, the LAPC-N is essentially a CM-32L and MPU-401 shrunken down to an internal sound card. Because the CM-32L was fully-compatible with the second generation Roland MT-32, any game that supported the LAPC-N would also support the Roland MT-32 and vice-versa. The sound card features two quarter-inch stereo jacks for left and right channels, an eighth inch stereo headphone jack, and a 15-pin D-sub connector for MIDI interface.

The N in the LAPC-N probably stands for "NEC", while the I of the LAPC-I probably stands for "IBM."


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Emulation Status

Some progress has been made emulating the LAPC-N through Munt.

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