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LAPC-I - Package.jpg
Developer: Roland
Released: 1989-??-??
Type: Sound Card
Slot: 8-bit ISA
Icon - LAPC-I.png
Platforms: Platform - DOS.pngPlatform - W16.png

The LAPC-I or Linear Arithmetic Personal Computer - IBM is essentially a Roland CM-32L and MPU-401 redesigned to fit on an internal full-length 8-bit ISA PC card using the LA32 synthesizer. Because the CM-32L was fully-compatible with the second generation Roland MT-32, any game that supported the LAPC-I would also support the Roland MT-32 and vice-versa. The sound card features two quarter-inch stereo jacks for left and right channels, an eighth inch stereo headphone jack, and a 15-pin D-sub connector for MIDI interface.

The LAPC-I was sold in the USA through Sierra On-Line for about $425, considerably more than the AdLib or Sound Blaster, but it produced noticeable better audio quality. There was also an LAPC-N released for the NEC PC-88.

Since the owner's manual doesn't explain the name LAPC-I, a fair amount of mystery has surrounded it and many sources incorrectly fill in the words. However, the I most likely stands for "IBM" while the N probably stands for "NEC" in the less popular PC-88 model. There is additional confusion about the I, which is often represented an the number 1. Many game companies, magazines, and even Roland themselves have printed LAPC-1 incorrectly. However, both the product's packaging, manual, and PCB all use a capital I.



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Emulation Status

Some progress has been made emulating the LAPC-I through Munt.

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